Kjell Forshed

Kjell Forshed has designed hundreds of projects all over Sweden. He has been heavily criticised by many colleagues. However, many of the people who live in the areas he has designed often seem to be satisfied and happy. His focus is on designing homes for ordinary people, and his credo has been to create beauty, comfort, joy and safety in these homes. He does this by incorporating the principle of low and dense design into his work and by paying close attention to light, colour, perspective and movement. In addition to his decades at Brunnberg & Forshed, he has also taught at the School ofArchitecture, written books and articles, and given many lectures on urban and housing design.His designs in Sweden include terraced houses in Grimstaby Upplands Väsby, Holmviksskogen Gustavsberg in Värmdö and Tensta in Stockholm, residential blocks on Hedvigsholmen in Marstrand, arched houses in the St Erik area in Stockholm and Tullingegarden city. Library, meeting rooms, restaurant and housing in Boda kyrkby in Dalarna.

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